Remediation presented at the 8th edition of the Istanbul Digital Spring

We’ve all noticed it, it’s springtime! And it was during the 8th edition of the Istanbul Digital Spring that Pascal Bringer, CEO of Maskott, shared his vision of remediation and differentiated learning paths. All this with one goal in mind: inclusive education.
On the agenda, a day of sharing ideas around innovation and opportunities in the world of education with many actors of this ecosystem (The FIPF, the Canope network, the Erasmus + program, France Education International, Ludomag and many others …).

Did you miss his performance? Here is what you should have learned from it.

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What is pedagogical remediation?

Pedagogical remediation is a means of compensating for learning deficiencies. The diagnosis of these difficulties is carried out during assessments and is used to propose corrections and improvements. In short, it is a matter of rectifying a learning situation where the student has not assimilated a content.

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2021: a year with so much impact!

Throughout 2021, Maskott has confirmed its primary intention to serve all learning. With a goal in mind: to bring the best learning tools to as many people as possible. And with unprecedented concrete results in the field, proving the power of digitally enhanced learning. For the benefit of all, both teachers and students.

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Innovative digital devices: an effective lever for reducing social inequalities

A scientific publication carried out after a large-scale experiment over 3 years shows that digital technology helps pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to progress with the use of an intelligent tutoring system(ITS), such as Tactileo, in comparison with more traditional teaching methods and/or without using edtech.

Find out the main conclusions of the study, how and why the use of Tactileo contributes directly to the reduction of social inequalities, allowing those pupils facing difficulties, representing 20% of the students, to reach the level of their peers.

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